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    In which city are you located? Many window cleaning companies also perform exterior building cleaning services. With an Ariel work platform and a mobile pressure washing station, they should be able to access the entire building. An important question ...

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    I don't have any personal experience with this but am offering my two cents anyway, for what it's worth. If your office space is anything like mine, the common areas need vacuuming far more frequently than the individual office or cubicle spaces. Some ...

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    Hi Everyone, I am looking for a sample RFP that will assist in the creation of a security system/burglar alarm RFP document. This request comes from a neighboring business. I don't have anything to provide so I thought I would reach out to ...

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    Hi Ben, We use the CCure9000 system and our vendor is Tyco/Johnson Controls. Being part of American Express the system not only supports our location in Illinois but locations around the globe. All of your requirements could be met by this ...

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    That'd be my guess, yes. Since DC has no "wasted" reactive power, gen sets are rated by straight up kW. My favorite analogy in all of engineering - if you're generating DC and don't incur power losses due to conversion, you're only dealing with kW. Once ...

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