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    Great info here regarding masks when returning employees to the office. With at least 20 states requiring masks to be worn, companies are looking for ways to provide staff at a low cost. We've found the cloth reusable masks make the most economic sense, ...

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    Hi Jonathan, Try contacting Terracycle: 1-866-967-6766 https://www.terracycle.com They have a program for recycling masks and gloves. I've worked with Terracycle they have a variety of recycling programs, that might also be of interest. In ...

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    Hi Daniel - we are currently doing composting on-site for both pre and post-consumer waste.  In our BOH cooking kitchen we have a  a food digester , which recycles pre-consumer food waste into nutrient-neutral water and transports it safely through standard ...

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  • RE: Mask Distribution

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    Hi Pamela, We shipped over night 2 masks to each employee a few months back as a "starter". When people do return to work, they are responsible for their own masks. We will have some on hand for emergencies (broken or forgotten masks). Additionally we ...

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    We have a separate garbage can with lid that is opened by foot pedal to open the lid marked Masks/wipes disposal just so people will have a convenient place to dispose of them. ------------------------------ Debra Christou Operation Manager East Bay ...

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