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    Good afternoon, I'm excited to announce we have new product features on Engage! Listed below are descriptions of these new features and how to access, configure, and use the new tools! Announcements available in daily digest Before, announcements ...

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    I hadn't known that miniature horses had been granted an exception, but they would be more helpful for someone who needs assistance to right themselves or to support themselves using the service animal for stability.  Note that in a residence converted ...

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    In addition to this great group of experts, there is a good organization called Werk ( https://werk.co/research ) that might be able to offer some research and diagnostic tools to help understand the gaps in what your employees need related to what you ...

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    Hi Danny Here is the language we have for our County Buildings. The service pets language has been reviewed by our ​ADA Coordinator and County Attys. Pets For health and safety reasons, pets are prohibited from all Hennepin County facilities; ...

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    Hi Tim. I highly recommend calling Aaron Nahale at Setpoint Systems Corporation. I've known Aaron for years and you will not find a better controls contractor or nicer person to work with.  They have an office in Littleton Colorado. 800.372.8837  ...

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