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    ​Hi Lorrine, I converted to fountain machines at a tech company I worked at and found them to be much more efficient and earth-friendly than the cans and bottles we had been providing in our soda machines.  That said, there were also some lessons learned. ...

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    We're in the process of transitioning from MP2 (very old) to Corrigo.  Seems pretty user friendly but ask me again at this time next year! :) ------------------------------ Rachel Johnson, CFM Leased Property Manager Alameda County Oakland, CA ----- ...

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    ​We are fortunate that we have never required Partners to acquire their own furniture.  We have standard, uniform furniture to eliminate the need for storage, hassle of moving furniture, and the decision of what to do with furniture if someone leaves.  ...

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    To address fountain machines in the work place, if this is the direction you choose to take, my suggestion would be to lease the dispensing unit. My experience with fountain machines was as FM at a previous place of employment where the company owned ...

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    Hi Sylvia: This is a tough issue and requires strong management support from senior leadership on how to handle violators.  We had implemented this at one of my previous organizations in healthcare where no smoking was allowed on campus.  It was fairly ...

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