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    Good morning all! I was curious if anyone is using or planning to use some form of individual room filtration for when they have folks return to the office. I was looking at HEPA filter type systems or the Airsoap for our conference rooms, ...

  • Job code descriptions

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    Hi everyone! Is there an "official" location where all of the Facility related job codes, titles, and descriptions are held?   Thanks in advance! ------------------------------ Lesley Turner Senior Workplace Planning and Operational Manager CSG Systems, ...

  • FM Software

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    We are looking into changing our current FM software.  Does anyone have any suggestion or what do currently use?  We currently use I-Office.  We need something that can accomodate: Space Planning/Floor layouts Office moves Service requests Asset and building ...

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    We are looking for feedback on Moderco Signature 800 series movable partitions that have proposed as an alternate on our project. We have used Coreflex at other sites and had great results. Always concerned with overall ease of use, maintenance and of ...

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    Peter, Good news that you were wrong again, means you are still growing, learning, progressing, and thinking. Having the 'fun' stuff is a great benefit in certain businesses, and environments, but not others, I used to work for a company that had air ...

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