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    Dawn, Talk with the FM's who are in the aviation, maritime or defense industry.  These verticals or "industries" subscribe to high-end, private news, weather and security analysis services.  They are often tied to major insurers like Lloyd of London ...

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    Hello. I am looking for a 3rd party (aka business) that monitors the entire US for any emergencies/disasters/protests and then sends a notification to their customer. I work for a company with branches all over the US and would love to have one stop ...

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    Follow up - Jon Thomas and colleagues have published the second edition of their PM Procedures for the Facilities Portfolio (Building Maintenance Optimization Consultants, BMOC, Brookwood Printing, Atlanta, Georgia US; 2020.) The volume is thorough ...

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    Hello- Looking for an IFMA member that is currently using Archibus, FM Systems or iOffice as their IWMS platform that would be willing to share their experience.  Ideally, you would either have been involved in the selection/implementation or be an admin/super ...

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    Good day, Walter One of my training clients in the NE installed a large PV array in their car park to provide for the building needs and incorporated EV charging stations. The combination of benefits (shading/snow shelter, load reduction, power generation, ...

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