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    Hi Eric, I've continued with capital projects but I still have our janitorial vendor onsite completely sanitizing all of our locations. Our employees have been working from home for two weeks now. My challenge is our corporate headquarters as we have ...

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    Hi Terry, I have also posted this information for the same question. I also have a lot of experience with UV lights in HVAC systems. They are used to help keep the coil and coil compartment free of mold and bacteria growth but have also seen them installed ...

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    Thank you Mark ------------------------------ Richard Hamilton Facilites maintenance manager Village of South Holland South Holland IL708-331-2940 ------------------------------

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    Hi everyone,  Hope you are well and staying safe.  I'm sure I'm not the only one asking about this, but I am exploring all options to cut costs due to our global offices being closed and would like to get your thoughts on the below dilemma.  It's ...

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    Hi All, Timely & relevant information was presented by  Wayne Whitzell with DFS Green yesterday  -thank you Wayne! This webinar was presented via IFMA's Corporate Facilities Council  Here is the link for it on youtube https://youtu.be/XhYO2qPjJXQ ...

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