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    David,  That is sound advice and exactly what I am currently drafting. The points you mention are all relevant. Thank you, Sir. ------------------------------ Alan Brown Fleet and Facilities Manager City of Litteton Littleton CO 303-795-3982 ------- ...

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    Hi Alan, Have you drafted an outline spec. for the intended outcome of the MP? For instance; what major issues are you hoping to address?  EG: Performance HVAC and Energy? Change Management --- consolidating space or space planning for occupancy? ...

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    NFPA 25 does list the 5 year test requirements for sprinkler systems. Please refer to Chapter 5 and 6 for more information on these tests. Please review NFPA 72 for the requirements for sensitivity testing of smoke detectors. ------------------------------ ...

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    My fellow IFMA members, I am tasked with the development of a Facilities Master Plan for our organization, the City of Littleton, CO. While I am not totally ignorant of the process, and I do understand what the end product should contain, I am struggling ...

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