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    Circumstances are dangerous and difficult now for our colleagues, their families, their communities in a number of nations and societies holding out against the pandemic while others - my own U.S. among them - improve.  We can send hope and promote help.  ...

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    Hello, I have a large staff with a diverse mix of custodial backgrounds and I would like them to all be on the same page - cleaning the same way. Any recommendations on any training system for custodians that is video based?  I know ISSA offers a few ...

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    Hi David, Thank you so much! I appreciate your support and please feel free to use whatever you want for Facilithon : ) I am hoping to be more productive in Facilithon going forward! Thanks, Deniz ------------------------------ Deniz Besiktepe Assistant ...

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    I can't help.  I just saw your name and wanted to say "Hi!"  LOL! Hope you are doing well Michele! ------------------------------ Wayne Whitzell Executive Vice President, Corporate Services DFS Green Elk Grove CA ------------------------------

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    GETTING LIVELY on Thursday - Registrations now 25, not counting the conveners. Less than a week to go. Please join us. Don't hesitate if you are exploring managing facilities as a career - ALL THE MORE REASON TO JOIN IN THE NETWORKING. Here's the ...

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