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    Hi Tera, I am arriving late to the party, but would like to recommend you taking a look at our system called StackFM (http://www.stackfm.com). Among the many modules we offer to facility managers, there is a space reservation functionality that would ...

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    Hello; I am a PhD candidate at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, working under the direction of Dr. Jake Smithwick, and I could use your help. My research is evaluating how facility managers are using benchmarking as a management tool. Would ...

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    Hi Terese, I would be curious as to why you selected Archibus as a CAFM vendor? Are you looking for a way to display your facility's floor plans? Seating arrangements, space allocation, moves management? Something like the image below? ------------------------------ ...

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    There is no need to further kidnap Bob's post - he was just looking a simple recommendations...  :) Suffice to say, if you like the features, but not the price, it maybe easier to negotiate better price, than seek other system that may fit the budget, ...

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    I appreciate your passion for this and while there is a lot that could be unpacked, I'll stick to the list: You want me to lease your product, not mine to own Yes, if I handed it off, it would become stale in less than a month and be of little ...

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