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  • Posted in: All Member Forum

    There haven't been many fire suppression systems that are as effective as inert gas systems, although they can be expensive. My suggestion would be to have the room remodeled with an inert gas system installed and to use type X or C drywall during the ...

  • Posted in: All Member Forum

    The company I work for has field, remote, in office associates but no written policy/procedures as to who should or should not receive a badge to the Corporate office. The field and remote may or may not ever visit the corporate office so should they ...

  • CFM Exam Retake

    Posted in: All Member Forum

    Hello everyone! Can anyone here advise how to retake a CFM exam? What is the process? Can I take the exam after a few months after the first attempt and pay again the full price? I contacted IFMA but never got a reply. Many thanks for your help. ...

  • Posted in: All Member Forum

    We've got epoxy floors in our bathroom, and the most effective way to clean them is by using the Kaivac bathroom sprayer. However, this method can occasionally pose issues with the sheetrock walls. Has anyone else encountered this problem, and do you ...

  • Posted in: All Member Forum

    Good morning, The popularity of electric bikes/scooters have increased and these are also the cause of many fires. How are office buildings providing safe storage in a facility for employees? We have a traditional bike storage room with normal fire ...

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