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    Hello IFMA Family, Please let me know your process for dealing with people who do not have their access cards to enter the building after-hours. The building's security guards do a good job of making sure that only people with the proper credentials ...

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    Hello Everyone,  My name is Robert Pace and I am the owner of CertaPro Painters in Plano, Texas.   Plano is a suburb of Dallas, Texas.  We are a full service painting company built around quality and service. I look forward to getting to know many ...

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    Enzymes are good product but we have the same problem. I found solution to use Urinal Sleeves, using Aroma oil dispenser and most importantly every evening we leave some baking soda or bleaching powder in the drain line for few hours and flush it, ...

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    ​Hello everyone, My name is Doug Postema and I am a returning student in the Facility Management Program at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan.  Ferris State University offers a Bachelors of Science Degree in Facility Management and provides ...

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    All of the ideas above are great - thanks everyone for sharing.  My only advice - start each room number with the FLOOR!  Makes it a unique number within that entire building.  It could be Room 1001 or 10-001 or 10.001.  Just make sure you are consistent.  ...

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