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    I think starting with outlines would be great - if people can share the outlines/content list of their manuals, each point should then form the basis for a separate discussion and that can generate options, suggested verbage, verbage to avoid and why, ...

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    Ah - my favorite subject! As many others, last Friday of the month, all of our refrigerators get scrubbed to a shine.  However, employees still complain about having their items discarded.  Mind you, despite the constant reminders, no one wrote names ...

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    Jeffrey, We have at least 30+ dogs on our campus on a daily basis and rarely have problems.  It is a great benefit to our employees, yet you have to have clear ground rules.  I did a lot of research and found a book titled "Dogs in the Workplace" published ...

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    Jeffery, hi there and good morning from Houston Texas. So we are dog (only dogs) friendly in the office.  Let me tell you that all the input from R. Shane Marchand is 100% dead on.  We are unique as we are smaller and to be honest, we have a great culture, ...

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    Hi Frederick, I'm going to attempt to answer some of your questions with a high level overview of what is done at UNC Charlotte. after construction - We use the information from our BIM for space management, equipment information related to ...

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