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    Too bad we are still a few years away from being able to move to San Diego! --------------------------------- Samual Horton Regional Facilities Manager Illinois Department of Central Management Services Springfield IL 217-361-9066 --------------- ...

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    Hi Jeff, I not only purchased the CFM training material, but also took the CFM Bootcamp course and purchased the Study Guide.  I took the exam this July, and passed it!  When I considered everything that I did to prepare, taking the Practice Test confirmed ...

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    I have a great friend named Will. He is a great man, very humble, accomplished and we share a great many values. Will is Black and has been very open with me when we talk about our similarities and our differences. I am of Irish descent. Once Will and ...

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    Hello IFMA colleagues, I wanted to give you all some exciting news on the new 100% Online University of Texas at San Antonio Master of Science in Facility Management Degree Program! This Fall the University offered the Master of Science Degree ...

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    Nicolle,  I serve in the Security Industry and have offered the cloud based video storage to my clients.One is  oil purification company that supports the restaurant industry, the other a worldwide speaker manufacturer. Both companies opted for an entire ...

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