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    As an ergonomic provider to many large companies I can tell you that this is becoming a hot topic in the industry!  I would say that the most common approach is what most of you are doing which is laptop, basic office supplies, etc.  Most of my clients ...

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    ​Good afternoon. I am looking for any guidance material on the cost per sq ft (estimates) for renovation. Professional journals, publications, citations, etc. Also maybe cite different costs for the different types of facilities. (Educational space, ...

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    Have you reached out to your local utility?  Many utilities offer energy audits free of charge along with incentive programs to increase efficiency. Tom ------------------------------ Tom Wirth Facilities Operations Manager Facebook Menlo Park CA -- ...

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    Hi Darren, Here's a job description from about 6 years ago that I had for a team member.  It's pretty rough and is extraordinary detailed to the point that by now, many of these things have been lumped and rolled into different categories. ------------------------------ ...

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    ​Hi Mark, I suggest you look into a secure and traceable key distribution system such as KeyWatcher, or something like it.  These systems hold the keys in a locked cabinet, and only release them to the individuals authorized to have them.  You can even ...

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