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    " That's a ton of work, with a LOAD of other variables and potential hardware, software, (techsoft) complications.  However, it can be done and managed properly.  It is neither easy nor inexpensive .  Yet, when designed, built and integrated properly?  ...

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    Hi Carol -  We use Kastle at all US locations and the UK, this includes Kastle Presence the mobile app for Bluetooth access that is basically an extension of your access card privileges (where Bluetooth capable readers are installed), the MyKastle platform ...

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    I am surprised at how many people say 'Toss the chair' it's dirty.   Chair fabric can be cleaned effectively almost every time. (Not always.) Looks like I am in the minority with the opinion to clean the chair.   Where has our world gone?   We don't fix ...

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    Global Plasma Solutions has done some new air sample testing. Please see their lab report. I hope that this helps. Pat Pat Grogan Facility Consultant Vulcan Mechanical Services, Inc. 532 Mineral Trace Birmingham, ...

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    This is great!!  Thank you for posting this.  I am on the same course right now, on chapter 2.  I am also a maintenance tech with not quite a lot of the finance portion experience, so I find this course a little difficult.  Almost a different language ...

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