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    Our Clean Air EXP system is UL certified and we have the patent to covert ozone to oxygen. We do have the test data that shows no increase in ozone in the lab. But we do not have 2998. The protocol for 2998 is that you are not to have 5 part per ...

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    Hello Cat, My name is José Loredo, I'm the Space Planner with Pinnacol Assurance.  I have order many Vari products, mostly the Varidesk Pro Plus 48, a popular product in our company.  Welcome to IFMA. José Loredo   /   Space Planner, B.S.,FMP, ...

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    Hello Steph, My name is José Loredo, I'm a Space Planner at Pinnacol Assurance.  I have been in this position for about five years and with the company for over 20.  I'm also a 3D printer enthusiast, I've printed small tools to large Pop Culture props.  ...

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    We use AgilQuest which is a office hoteling software.  It also is used for our conference rooms.  It has good reporting features. ------------------------------ Mark Minty Senior Facilities Specialist First Tech Federal Credit Union Hillsboro OR 5034697853 ...

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    Hi Steph! My name is Jackelyn Meganck and I am the Business Development Coordinator at Conway Asphalt Paving. We are a new paving company to the KCMO area and we are very excited to get things rolling and develop connections through the Engage Community!  ...

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