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    Hello friends My manager has asked me to implement an annual assessment of all vendors. I'm not exactly sure where to begin. Google searches return an overwhelming amount of information. If you do this, would you mind sharing your process?  Thanks in ...

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    Many of my Clients have moved to plastic/ceramic tumblers and coffee mugs; silverware and installed dishwashers in their kitchenettes/coffer pantries.​  If they have a full service café on site the Café staff will monitor and load up the dishwasher; if ...

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    We moved from plastic/paper products to ceramic/glassware and silverware.  And replace broken, tarnished items every two years. ------------------------------ CARMEN V.AREVALO Facilities Manager ------------------------------

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    Are you trying to stay more localized with the BMS or would it possibly be a good idea to reach out to someone like Johnson Controls who does this on a national scale level? ------------------------------ Mellisa Johnson Fulcher Sales Manager CD Maintenance ...

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    Hello everyone! I am a new young professional member; I've been in the facilities industry for almost 4 years.  Prior to that I was in residential construction and real estate primarily with Fannie Mae foreclosure properties (most businesses struggled ...

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