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    We have not deployed temperature screening at our buildings so unfortunately I do not have any systems to recommend. HikVision makes some good products, in fact I use them for video surveillance outside my own house. Please keep in mind, however, that ...

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    Thank you for the reminder, Mary! I've just signed up! Happy learning to all! ------------------------------ Teneile Wheeler GRE Space & Occupancy Specialist Micro Focus Software Provo, Utah ------------------------------

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    Hi Steph, My name is Ana (Paty) Peterson and live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area.   My background is Human Resources, but moved into a Operations role in 2008 when the economy hit a small snag.  After a few years I was asked if I was ready to ...

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    Hi there!  My name is Shelley Rodriguez, Sr Office Manager for DMG (a facilities management tech company). I've been here since the company started and I've been the OM, PM, and FM for 20 years! I've finally decided to make it official and become a CFM. ...

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    Hi Daniel, I've been on the mission critical side of the industry for many years however just joined Unified Power, a nationwide UPS and Generator maintenance co. Adding the Generator piece to my offering attracted me to connect with IFMA. Would welcome ...

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