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    Hi Yorick, I'm in a Canadian head office with a Chicago parent company and we have corporate standards across the board. Leadership Team (VP/GM, VP Sales and Sr. Directors) -  Offices Director - 10x8 cubicles all others - 6x8 cubicles ...

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    ​On this topic, here is a picture from an IR scan of our panels I had done last week.  This particular circuit has one space heater going at the moment of the scan...  That's registering 161 degrees.  ------------------------------ Michael Baldwin ...

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    You want to differentiate between the various uses of the space you are going to manage. Is this space allocated to warehousing, office, production, or any other use? PM and RM costs are different for each classification of use.  I work in airport and ...

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    Cost per square foot for what specifically? ------------------------------ Adam Nasr Director of Facilities Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District Greater New York City Area NJ 6096182248 ------------------------------

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    Hello Everyone, My name is Jacqueline King, but I go by Jackie, I'm a Facilities Coordinator at Worldwide Clinical Trials in San Antonio, TX.   I have been in this position for about a year now and wouldn't change it for the world.  I lead a team of ...

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