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    We are also using CollectiveView and Andrew is our rep. They are great, always happy to work through things with us to make sure everything works with our flow. Also, they do not have additional implementation fees or per employee fees, what you see is ...

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    Mark, I am not an infectious disease specialist or virologist so I am not going to try and go that route or try and delve into what you mentioned about RNA/DNA for that was/is not my background. What I am saying is this pathogen is still unknown and ...

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    Hello Michele, There were earlier post on here under Nano technology. These systems go by different names. there was a lot of good information there. ------------------------------ Richard Hamilton Facilites maintenance manager Village of South Holland ...

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    Hello Daniel, there was post earlier about drinking fountains you can check out. There was a good tip there about taking a plastic cup and taping over the spigot so it could not be used. The bottle filler could still be used. and regular cleaning with ...

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    Al, Noted but you are not saying that my concern is false either. I do not question products that are on the CDC N-List for deactivating the virus on surfaces when applied correctly but, until someone finds a legitimate answer to that question, ...

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