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    ​Matthew, In my opinion, you are on the right track by promoting equipment uptime.  We use a work order system that automatically populates the scheduled PM's for our equipment.  In addition we perform daily rounds in our spaces and note oddities, such ...

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    Sam, I work for an HVAC service & construction company here in the SE and have a couple questions for you. When you say the heat pump is freezing up, which coil is freezing up (indoor or outdoor)?  If the outdoor coil is freezing up, it could simply ...

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    Hello Everyone! I am very excited to be joining IFMA and look forward to being a part of the group to learn and develop mutually beneficial relationships!  I have been in the construction management field for 17 years.  Altius Building Company is a premier ...

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    What are three things you wish you knew before you started your last renovation project - either an office build out, new lab, lobby remodel or the like? Thank you, Ian E. Bowman President Construction Quality Manager ...

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    Jeff, You are right, many contractors tend to do things slightly differently, however if NETA is used as a guild line, it's a good place to start developing time tables as well as scope. Thanks, Dean ------------------------------ Dean Conley Senior ...

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