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  • CMMS

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    ​ Hello, I am currently in the market for a CMMS. I have looked at a few and currently have identified UpKeep as a front runner. Is anyone currently using this platform? If so, what are the pros and cons that you have identified? ...

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    ​Thanks for the feedback Zach. You gave some things to ponder. ------------------------------ Israel Rodriguez VP, Facilities Ogilvy Health Parsippany NJ 9733524128 ------------------------------

  • RE: CO2 Levels

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    ​Michael, You need to hire a licensed Mechanical Engineer. If you "figure it out" and direct a mechanical contractor you will then have all the liability.  This sounds like a health and safety issue and the Engineer will provide expert advice and will ...

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    Greetings Everyone -  Our landlord is proposing on using an SPF system from this company in particular: https://westroofingsystems. com/pros-cons-spf-roofs/ We have a number of existing leaks, some more complicated than others, and rather than ...

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    At a fundamental level is the preparedness of individuals and organizations to create, use, and improve work processes. This is more than forming and following procedures, more than technical knowledge, more than project and program management - all of ...

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