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    My company is going to start with a new training program. We had a different system a few years ago that didn’t really work out. We are going with the convergence training. I’m about to roll the system out in a month or so. What does everyone do as ...

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    That's almost 2 calls a minute per person. I think it really depends on their duties. The receptionist where I work at is in charge of entry control, and greeting customers/employees. Additionally, she also handles incoming catering during lunch hours, ...

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    That's not reception, its a switchboard with legs. ------------------------------ Zack Farrar, CFM, AssocRICS Facilities Management JACOBS 513-535-2773 SE Wisconsin IFMA Vice Chair Membership. Communications and Tri Chapter Committees -------------- ...

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    Hi Vanessa, I think something designed for behind the bar is ideal in this case. 1 hour cycles, heavy duty, high sanitation.  Issue here is you'll pay many thousands of dollars per unit as opposed to hundreds. Cost versus value in use case situation ...

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    Hello All,        We have a Visiplex system on our campus.  The students unplug these when they need an outlet and they get left unplugged.  We are looking at a reasonably priced method to being able to "lock" the plug in for these Pa systems scattered ...

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