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    We have a weekly cleaning policy. Our contracted office cleaning company is also responsible for cleaning out the refrigerators in both of our offices every Friday at 3 PM. Tupperware is emptied and cleaned and left on the side bin. All other food is ...

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    Hiring a day matron or porter may help. We had a similar issue and we worked to create a business case to manage our training rooms set ups and added in bathroom and cafeteria maintenance as well as office clean up and odd ends. Once we identified the ...

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    Hi Adrianna; Michel's comments are spot-on, so nothing to add there.  If you want to attempt your own condition assessment I've attached a simple spreadsheet model that generally covers all the bases.  Instructions & checklists are included - so it's ...

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    Liebert CCUs are well known and reliable --------------------------------- Jerry John Facilities Manager EFS Facilities Services UAE Abu Dhabi 00971585080616 ---------------------------------

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    Hello all, I’m trying to find private type of schools. I work at a private boarding arts and music high school. I’m wanting to visit schools close by to get some ideas of how they run there facilities programs. Southern California area would ...

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