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  • Parking Garage Woe’s

    Posted in: All Member Forum

    Help!! Our performing arts facility runs events smoothly and our city-owned parking garage operation leaves our patrons and us frustrated more often than not. - Garage operators not knowing the event schedule or not clear about the parking requests ...

  • RE: Badge printer

    Posted in: All Member Forum

    Good Day Pedro! Our property management company supplies our building badges and this is the feedback I received from them. I use a Fargo HDP5000 HID printer and I am happy with it. It is easy to print. It uses a color ribbon and a ...

  • Posted in: All Member Forum

    I am trying to determine the best format and/or template to develop a Facilities Master Plan for a school district. Does anyone have a copy they can share?  The elements that I believe are important is student demographics by grade over a 5, 10 planning ...

  • Posted in: All Member Forum

    Hi Bright, Thanks for posting. The ISO 41000 family of publications about Facility Management offers a brief but complete framework for FM strategy. A framework is not a strategy, however. You have to build the components that work in your organization ...

  • Building Performance

    Posted in: All Member Forum

    Building Performance I've written for FMJ many times on design and design research. As the nation's only multi-sensory design research lab, many of those articles have been about building performance ( acoustics, lighting, daylighting, thermal comfort, ...

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