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    Mix business with pleasure and attend the Florida Facilities Summit in Orlando, FL August 3-5, 2022. Only $150 for Facility managers to attend. Add on the $50 for CFM exam review class too if you need. Behind the scenes tour of NASA included in this ...

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    MERV 13 Filters are typically not needed for main supply, with the exception of situations of poor air quality. MERV 13 is suggested by ASHRAE for recirculation filters. A great reference is from NRCan, free download: https://www.nrcan.gc.ca/sites/nrcan/files/canmetenergy/pdf/HVAC-Self-Assessment-Tool_Engl-Final.pdf ...

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    The June 28, 2022 issue of The WIRE is out now! Catch up on information-packed webinars Member benefits for July Innovative ideas lead to cost savings Free quarterly video FM Events : World Workplace Asia-Pacific July 26-27, ...

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    Hello Everyone, Does anyone have any experience with the replacement of large EPDM flat roof areas 100,000+SF? The proposals I have are significantly different in cost, materials, and process. Although there is a warranty for the work in all cases, ...

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    Thank you David for replying so quickly. We do not have the same volume that your school sees, so I don't think this would deter me. I'll check them out and reach back out if I have questions. Best, Chris ------------------------------ Christopher ...

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