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    Peter, thanks!   There's never a bad time to remember the "I" in IFMA, but now is especially important. The Pandemic, powerful and not entirely predictable, is on a spree again. This probably won't be the last, but I hope that none ahead is anywhere near ...

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    See attached slides on maintenance cost for industry.

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    Check with your chemical manufacturer.  We use Spartan Chemicals and they have a good online training video series.  It also includes Pandemic Cleaning training now.  We have rolled it out to the vast majority of our schools.  Some are requiring their ...

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    Good Morning...I am out of Albuquerque and have a location in Los Lunas as well.  How big is the warehouse?  This will help me in sending you a couple of names. Leslie Yardman Bank of Albuquerque Albuquerque, NM 87107 lyardman@bokf.com ------------------------------ ...

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    Good morning Eric I've passed your name to Fred King who is based in El Paso and he also covers the ABQ market. I hope that helps. ------------------------------ Thomas Holland CEO APEX Surface Care www.goapex.com 214-869-0165 Former DFW Chapter President ...

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