David Reynolds, CFM, FMP

Global Facility Management Alliance, GFMA

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Global Facility Management Alliance, GFMA


CURRENTLY semi retired. Strongly active professionally in ISO, IFMA, and WAPPP.

Today’s Facility Manager has a part in every organizational strategy and objective that involves the built environment. FM results add directly to organizational outcomes. FM serves the mission, brightens the image, and nourishes the vision of an organization. Today’s FM continuously applies people, places, technologies and processes to these ends. Issues change all the time, bringing opportunities for improvement. In this light, the FM profession constantly develops and refines knowledge, competencies, and methods. At the same time, FMs must align with organizational business conditions and strategies. An effective FM consultant bridges facilities related performance from potential to accomplished and gives the client FM organization knowledge and skills to continue to improve.
I and my colleagues recognize that client understanding of our methods and tools, as well as agility in their use, confer power to solve problems up ahead. We foster FM:
♦ Where problem identification and analysis are based on demonstrated cause and effect, not conjecture.
♦ Where problem solving involves process improvement, not blame.
♦ Where specifically designed-in performance measures guide improvements.