Dean Stanberry, SFP, CFM

Chair, Global Board of Directors,

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Representing Facility Management, I strive to make a difference by applying my collective skills and experience to advance the FM profession.  I've been fortunate to serve as a volunteer leader among the best and brightest the FM industry has to offer.  I am committed to providing insights and perspectives to help drive the evolution of facility management in the following areas,

Embrace technology: Facility management professionals need to keep up with the latest technologies that are transforming the industry. From smart buildings and automation to AI, IoT, and advanced analytics, facility managers should aim to leverage these technologies to drive efficiency, enhance the workplace experience, and reduce costs.

Sustainability and energy efficiency: Considering climate change and environmental issues, facility management professionals should prioritize sustainability in their practice.

Health, safety, and well-being: The global pandemic has highlighted the importance of health, safety, and wellness in the workplace. Facility managers should prioritize these elements, implementing measures to enhance indoor air quality, reduce the risk of disease transmission, and promote mental well-being.

Continuous learning and development: The field of facility management is dynamic, with current trends, technologies, and challenges emerging regularly. FM professionals need to commit to continuous learning.

Strategic planning and financial acumen: Facility managers often play a critical role in the strategic planning process, helping to align facility management goals with the broader business objectives. A strong understanding of finance is crucial, allowing facility managers to make informed decisions about investments in technologies, sustainability initiatives, and more.

People skills and communication: Facility management is not just about buildings and systems; it’s also about people. Facility managers need to have strong interpersonal skills, with the ability to communicate effectively with a wide range of stakeholders.

Adapting to a changing workforce: With the rise of remote work and flexible working arrangements, facility management professionals need to rethink traditional ways of managing the workplace.

Risk management: Given the potential for various disruptions, from natural disasters to cyber threats, facility managers must incorporate risk management into their practice.

By focusing on these critical areas, facility management professionals can evolve their practice, providing value to their organizations and contributing to a sustainable and resilient future.