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I am a National Account Executive for Republic Services. And bring with me over 20 years of business development experience, which also include 10 years of industry specific experience in partnering with organizations to effectively manage their waste stream.

Ensuring that all materials are handled in an environmentally responsible way and helping our customers achieve their own environmental goals. 

A little about me...

I'm 43 years old and the father to two amazing boys, Niko & Luka (11 & 8). Married to Jessica (Jess) since 2009. Not sure how she has done it... lol

My personal vice, is to lace up and go for a few weekly runs. Been running for about 9 years and grateful to have added it to my regimen at a time that helped me manage the joyful chaos of life! Young kids, shifts in careers, all the good things we live for...

These days I enjoy logging some miles through the different states I get to travel for business meetings.  

  • Running helped me align my self with a purpose and a career I am passionate about.
  • FYI - I have been known to organize a few runs with my professional network...

As a National Account Executive, I get to engage with organizations who have various sites across a single state or across the country. 

Allowing me to:

  • Understand the current waste management program they have in place
  • Helping them fill in the gaps from where they are now to where they want their program to be 

For many years, Republic Services has been known as a leader in the collection of Recycle & waste services. We still are, and in the last 2 years we have positioned our selves as the leader in the complete Environmental Services side of the industry.

Now able to provide solutions for the disposal of:

  • Any Hazardous or Non Hazardous materials that require special handling.
  • As well as an array of on-site services required at many facilities. 
  • Including Emergency response services  

As you all know, Facilities Management has many moving parts. I am eager to learn more about the industry and be of value where and when I can. 

Grateful to be here! Looking forward to meeting you, learning from you and growing beside you! 

See you all soon.