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Hello All!

While earning my Master's in Sport Management at the University of San Francisco, one of our very first assignments was to create a mission statement for ourselves. This was to be a deep-thinking assignment about why we are not only interested in the sports world, but more about what motivates us every day. Naturally, this has evolved over the years, but the core of my mission is the same:

 "To create opportunities for others to succeed" 

This is exactly what Facility Management is to me. Yes, we focus on preventative maintenance, work orders, project management, HVAC, plumbing, EAP's, etc. etc. But why...why do we do all these things? Because we are problem solvers. We are the ones who see the BIG picture. We literally set the stage for people to create the future!!

For me, setting the stage for others is a true goosebumps experience. Every event I have ever been involved in I have seen memories being made. Whether they were a bunch of 10U athletes winning their first Junior Olympics, or an 89-year-old football player who was thrown an epic surprise tailgate by his family and old teammates. Very different experiences, but the feeling of pride in my work and knowing I helped create those memories was overwhelming and addictive. 

Every choice you make can make an opportunity for someone to experience something great. Picking up that one piece of trash, could spur a domino effect of others to follow suit; or even just a simple smile and "Hello" can change a person's day for the better. We don't know what will happen, but what we do know is that by setting the stage, everyone has the opportunity to succeed.