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Why is Sudoku puzzle interesting?

Many of us like to while away the time doing crosswords and puzzles like Sudoku. This number puzzle has been actively gaining popularity since the mid-80s. Today Sudoku is published in all kinds of periodicals. And collections of these puzzles of various variations and difficulty levels are snapping up in huge numbers. What attracts Sudoku?

History of Sudoku

Sudoku is mistakenly called the "Japanese puzzle" or "magic square". Although, in fact, the invention of Sudoku has nothing to do with magic or Japan. The basis of this puzzle, the Latin Square game, was invented by Leonard Euler. This famous mathematician was born in Switzerland, but worked for many years at the St. Petersburg Academy for the benefit of Russian science.

After, almost two centuries later, Howard Garnes, an American architect, had a hand in the "Latin squares", who worked part-time by inventing puzzles for newspapers. In 1979, he modernized Euler's game and published it in the American Puzzle and Crossword Magazine.

Although the first appearance of Sudoku online did not cause a furore, a little later this numerical puzzle was appreciated by the Japanese. And they even gave it their own name, which literally translates as "a number that stands apart." It was the Japanese who contributed to the development of Sudoku's popularity.

The basis for finding a solution

Sudoku, at first glance, is an extremely simple and straightforward puzzle. No specific knowledge or vocabulary is required to solve it. The basis of the puzzle is a square, divided into 9 smaller squares (3 by 3), each of which is also divided into 9 cells - 3 in a row and a column. That is, the main Sudoku field is represented by 81 cells. They must be filled with numbers from 1 to 9 so that they are not repeated either in a row, in a column, or in separate 9 squares.

At the same time, in each Sudoku, some hint numbers are initially put down. Their order, location predetermines the solution of the rebus. The more hints, the easier the Sudoku level. The most difficult Sudoku (in the classic version) can have only 17-16 tips.

To solve free Sudoku easy, you can use the numerous rules and strategies developed by fans of this puzzle. For example, the most obvious one is to view the initially most populated rows and columns. Or rely solely on your own logic and memory.