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James Waddell is a visionary leader and industry expert at the intersection of technology, strategy, and data. As the founder of Cognitive Corp and AI Innovators Organization, James specializes in leveraging AI and Machine Learning to enhance efficiency, productivity, and well-being in the workplace. His vast knowledge also encompasses Project Management Office (PMO), blockchain technology, ESG, data analytics, and data center operations.

In his professional journey, James has earned commendations for his insightful and innovative approaches, underpinned by a keen attention to detail. Colleagues and clients alike regard him as a pleasant communicator, energetic team player, and a sharp problem solver. He brings a tech-savvy perspective to strategic planning and execution, influenced by the philosophies of Sun Tzu and Monty Python.

A passionate advocate for technology's transformative power, James has spearheaded initiatives that focus on data-driven solutions, collaborative endeavors, and optimized task management. His efforts in the cognitive workplace aim to redefine how organizations perceive efficiency, collaboration, and narrative crafting.

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