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Business Community (BIZ)  

The Business Community shall serve as an advisory resource for IFMA’s 4 of its 11 Core Competencies;
Leadership, Finance, Quality and Communication.

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Corporate Facilities Council  

The Corporate Facilities Council is the largest of IFMA's 16 councils and has become a destination of choice for members who are looking to network with others who provide facility management and other services for office settings, particularly headquarters and large campuses.

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Environmental Stewardship Utilities & Sustainability Community  

The Environmental Stewardship, Utilities and Sustainability Community is a strategic theme and core competency of the facility manager that touches every aspect of the association.

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Global Workforce Initiative  

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Information Technology Community  

The IT Community is committed to providing appropriate and relevant content to the GLOBAL IFMA and RICS membership utilizing a broad range of communication and publication platforms. The group is supported from the outgoing board of the ITC and enhanced with new thought leaders, committee members and the support of IFMA Staff.

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Job Connections  

Whether you are a seasoned facility manager or just getting started in the profession, IFMA offers networking opportunities and resources you need to find the perfect facility management job and advance your career.

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Operations & Maintenance Health & Safety  

The OMHS Community is committed to seek out and optimize operations, maintenance, safety and health initiative, interactive technologies and best practices.

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Workplace Evolutionaries (WE)  

Evolutionaries are people who help make change happen—people who lead systems, companies, industries, communities and nations through transformative change.

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