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  • 1.  Welcome to the GWI Partner Engage Group

    Posted 03-16-2018 12:13

    The GWI Partner program has been launched by the IFMA Foundation to encourage the participation of IFMA chapters and councils in the work of GWI, the Global Workforce Initiative.  This involvement is key to expanding FM education worldwide. 


    The GWI Partner microsite on the Engage platform serves as a central source of tools and resources that chapters can use in their GWI projects.  The discussion forum provides a means for chapters to share ideas, questions and success stories. 


    The goal of the IFMA Foundation is to "Make FM a Career of Choice".  We are excited about new opportunities to work with IFMA members, chapters and councils to achieve this goal and to bring FM education to every community.  Please participate actively and invite other people in your IFMA chapter, company and circle of contacts to join.  Together we can build an exciting future for facility management.

    Michael Schley, IFMA Fellow
    Chair, IFMA Foundation

  • 2.  RE: Welcome to the GWI Partner Engage Group

    Posted 03-16-2018 17:51
    Thank you Mike! IFMA Denver is excited to help make FM a Career of Choice in our market in multiple ways.

    Carolyn McGary
    Director, Workplace Services
    Parker CO