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  • 1.  Any suggestions low hanging industry certification???

    Posted 10-05-2022 16:51

    I'm new to the group hoping to get going with the facility management field but as I'm putting out resumes and seeing some of the requirements, I'm hurting in the certification arena, any suggestions? Please post links, thanks in advance!

    Shanco Williams

  • 2.  RE: Any suggestions low hanging industry certification???

    Posted 10-06-2022 09:26
    Hello, Shanco!  Welcome in and that's great you'd like to increase your knowledge.  

    IFMA has some great certifications to help you get started or make a transition into facility management.  Some of the local chapters have instructors for in-person training, or if you like self-paced all of it can be done as such. 

    A great really entry level is the Essentials of FM.  It has a series of books and topics to get you started in operations, maintenance, and managing work processes.  

    Next up from that is the Facility Management Professional (FMP) designation, which really goes into some depth in four critical categories: Finance & Business, Operations & Maintenance, Leadership & Strategy, and Project Management.  

    IFMA also just came out with short courses for several of our core competencies, if you're looking to just shore up one area of knowledge. 

    You can check out any of IFMA's coursework on  Welcome to your Learning Platform
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    I could go on, but that is a start!

    Carolyn McGary CFM, SFP, FMP, ProFM, PBD
    National Director
    FM Pipeline Team, Inc