Michael Balla, CFM

Director of Public Facilities and Maintenance,
City of Rocky River

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City of Rocky River


Over the past 20+ years, I learned to wear many hats in facility operations. I became a listener, a counselor, an arbitrator, a teacher, and an accountant (YIKES!) who can build, fix, assembly, create, and sometimes break things. My customers need and/or want more than just someone who can turn a wrench or swing a hammer. They are looking for a voice of experience to help fix what ails them - whatever that might be.

By the time people call me they have a need. This could be an immediate problem, a future project, or even just a thought. They don’t just want a fix; they want to explain it, they really need to be heard, they want my opinion on the situation, and of course, do it all at the lowest cost possible. Some days it feels like an insurmountable task, but it is also what challenges me. However, my greatest satisfaction comes from the sigh of relief, a quiet thank you, or the jubilant HALLELUJAH followed by some strange dance that will certainly go viral, I get at the end of a project. This is why I love to wear many hats; not only do I get to know people, but I have an opportunity with every interaction, big or small, to make their lives better.