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I've spent over a decade on the service provider side of the facilities management world working hand in hand with FMs, MEP consulting engineers, CRE pros, and workplace services leaders to better automate their buildings and delight the folks who spend time there. In that time, I've helped design and deploy new technology to 1M+ sf Class A office space, N+2 Tier 4 data centers (30MW+), 100+ building university campuses, and more. I believe we're living in a great renaissance for the built environment industry where energy, sustainability, and wellness initiatives are all merging together with the help of rapidly advancing technology.

What I believe is currently driving this evolution: 
  • Adoption of smart/intelligent/cognitive buildings concepts (market pull vs push)
  • Internet of Things (IoT) ubiquity
  • Machine learning & predictive analytics
  • Voice services & open SDKs for platforms like Alexa and Cortana
  • Automated demand response (utilities, CSPs, and facilities connected by OpenADR)
  • Smart grid (an autonomous balance of supply & demand of electrical utilities)
  • Smart cities (a system of smart buildings, civic spaces, and the grid)
  • Indoor wellness research and standards (like Harvard's CogFx Study and IWBI's WELL Standard)
  • Connectivity, APIs, and Agile philosophies driving all of the above
I also like to build digital projects on the side, ranging from commercialized online learning platforms to Raspberry Pi lighting systems, and a ton in between. Find me on GitHub ( for some sample code from said projects.

Lastly, I believe quite strongly in the ethos of Techstars, which leads with "We give first." If I can be of any help to you, kindly let me know.



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