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  • 1.  What you need to know before you invest in FM software solutions

    Posted 04-26-2021 14:37
    Do you find yourself thinking:
    - What do we need to be aware of before buying new solutions for optimizing our processes, services, and properties?
    - How can we find the right mix of solutions for our needs?
    - How can we get the most out of these solutions?

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  • 2.  RE: What you need to know before you invest in FM software solutions

    Posted 08-25-2022 08:22

    There are four factors to consider before investing in a Facility Management Software which is as follows: - 

    • The Use of the Software in the Organization: 

    As a Facility Manager of an organization, you must figure out where and why the software is more needed as it will help in identifying the loopholes and will help in deciding which areas need more management. 

    • Growth after Integrating a Facility Management Software: 

    Think about the future. As the business grows, how will facilities management software support that growth? It is very necessary to do a proper analysis of the software you are choosing for your organization to know the growth potential it will provide to your organization. Also, figure out what will it help you accomplish the desired results which you can't get without integrated facility management software. 

    • ROI from the Software: 

    Set your return on investment (ROI) standard before investing in facility management software. Every facility manager in an organisation faces a budget constraint so it is better to complete a SWOT analysis of the software than evaluate the cost with the set ROI. It will help you in making an optimal choice as every integrated software comes with a lot of features and specifications so choosing them can be a very bad choice. 

    • Compatibility: 

    Finally, you should consider the factor of compatibility. As a facility manager, you should opt for that software, which is more user-friendly for your employees, and easy to understand for the new joiners. In an emergency, how compatible and easy to use is this software and most importantly is the software accessible from mobile phones? 

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