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  • 1.  HVACR

    Posted 09-14-2018 11:55

    Despite that FACILITY MANAGERS' have over years built unbeatable EXCELLENCE while executing quality jobs and services.

    With the passing of time, I have acquired wealth of experience that has kept and is still keeping me shoulder high in the industry.
    It is in the light of the need to ensure that air conditioning facilities are put in place with optimal advantage of the growing global technological advancements in engineering construction that I humbly write, to further enhance the provision of cooling infrastructures and a conducive working environment for officers and men.

    In view of the above, I wish to suggest that all facility managers acquire "technical know-how" on air conditioner Infrastructural development/maintenance and management.


  • 2.  RE: HVACR

    Posted 09-09-2022 06:42

    Controlling HVAC systems (HVAC Control) is generally done through a building management system (BMS). During construction, BMS sensors and control signals are typically hardwired throughout the building. HVAC equipment is one of the most precious pieces of equipment in your facility. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment are frequently used in facilities and help improve living and working conditions. This is the most important reason for the constant maintenance of the HVAC system in your facility.  

    Three reasons to state why the maintenance of HVAC is necessary: - 

      1. Cost efficiency by reducing energy use. 
      2. Helps you improve the lifespan of the equipment 
      3. To improve the quality of air in and around your facility or property. 

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  • 3.  RE: HVACR

    Posted 02-08-2023 18:30

    In my experience, central HVAC is generally landlord's responsibility. However, if you're serving a client who makes use of a server/IT room, you'll want to account for preventative maintenance costs for a supplemental unit. I've found it very helpful to keep track of make/model and serial numbers of such assets, especially if still under warranty.

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